I’m sorry….

Dear all readers. Sorry I haven’t updated for a while. Got involved in a lot of interesting projects and suddenly time ran off. 

We just launched a new division in Aegis Media Denmark being the strategic, innovation and consumer insight forefront of the company and I have got the pleasure of taking the responsibility of Creative Director, so the launch here in january took all focus. But now we are up and running. See the deep blue blog which is also our website here. 

And then we won Playstation and Nordisk Film in the Nordics which is wonderful! A great client and interesting product. We just launched the campaign for the Stieg Larsson movie Men who hates women in Denmark and it was very interesting and the movie is already after 3 weeks a blockbuster. 

In my regular blogging hours (around nine pm or sundays:)) I started up a new project, having the honour of re-writing the legendary Communications Planning book “Tilrettelæggelse af information – kommunikations- og kampagneplanlægning” together with the author Preben Sepstrup. It will take most of my sparetime the next half year – but it will be a great learning experience and great inspiration working with Preben Sepstrup. 

So the blogging will lay a bit low for a while. I will try to keep up some micro blogging and link sharing on twitter and Facebook – so please connect with me there if you want to.

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