Is digital a chapter in the book on communication or a layer on all the exiting pages?

On Wednesday I had my first visit ever at a publisher. I was excited and thrilled, but also a little overwhelmed by the great trust laid on my shoulders by my old thesis supervisor who kindly asked my to join in on the next edition of his legendary book “Tilrettelæggelse af information: Kommunikations- og kampagneplanlægning”. Even though the last book was published in 2006, the evolution in the field and especially on the digital front makes even yesterday feel old. So we have been talking for a while about re-writing it with a more digital perspective, and with a more cross-media campaign overall view.

This  lead to this meeting Wednesday and it looks like we are starting up with the project right now. But our first big issue will be handling how to integrate the whole digital perspective on a book which doesn’t really discuss media, but more ground theory on how to plan.  Where does digital fit in here?  If it is awarded a chapter it will look like an area isolated from the overall strategy, which is the main attitude I try to fight everyday working with strategy and comms planning. But if we don’t address the digital issue of planning directly, will the readers be able to understand how the theory applies to digital?

This really is a hard question and we been back and forth a couple of times, but I think the solution will be to address digital as just another channel, and use cases and exercises to highlight how the discussions and theories can be used just as well on digital media. This is the solution. I’m happy about it. But means I have to write up a whole lot of digital cases during the weekends to come.




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