Twitter explained in plain english

I know a lot of people not being on twitter and are quite curious about all the fuss about it. I saw this little simple video explaining the core concept. 

So everybody here it is:

It is simple and nice  – but do not entirely agree on usage. I use facebook for the personal everyday connections to friends and family – and twitter is for me more discovering and listening to likeminded people from all over the world. Which makes the use so different. I think that’s what a lot of people I know do to. That also why it makes sense that on twitter I follow people – on Facebook I’m friends with people. 

If I write at 11 pm on Facebook that I’m working on presentation on a shoe brand I get 10 comments or mail with “go home”, “do not work that much” or “ambitious crazy girl” – if I write the same on twitter, in 5 minutes I receive a dozen of links, ideas or cases for making a better presentation. 

That’s for me the difference! 

..but still this video will save my a lot of hours explaining twitter to the not so likeminded.


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