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Two players – one winner

The internet flows with commercials surrounding the game tonight. Competitive, fun, expensive and some boring. Big media events are always subject for both lame and bold advertising.

This one I like due to the easy feel and the soundtrack: 


New Tic Tac Campaign

Our clever Vizeum people in CPH made this campaign with Buzzanova and it is quite interesting. 

See also the campaign site for tictac micha, the human beat machine from Uzbekistan

And it has its own little Guitar Hero Spoof (one more).


Whopper Virgins Campaign meets criticism

Another great ad

I am a bit biased in this matter, after spending 4 years working with HP, but I must say that their ads are so great and the follow up on it on their website. I like the idea about showing what the products do for you (and the variety of endorsers in the ads). And it made grounds for lots of great spoofs