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Two players – one winner

The internet flows with commercials surrounding the game tonight. Competitive, fun, expensive and some boring. Big media events are always subject for both lame and bold advertising.

This one I like due to the easy feel and the soundtrack: 


When contextual placement goes wrong

Thanks to what I think must be Google Adsense I started the day with a fun example of contextual advertising. Or contextual mess up. You decide.


See the whole thing here. And funny list btw.

New Tic Tac Campaign

Our clever Vizeum people in CPH made this campaign with Buzzanova and it is quite interesting. 

See also the campaign site for tictac micha, the human beat machine from Uzbekistan

And it has its own little Guitar Hero Spoof (one more).


Whopper Virgins Campaign meets criticism

Controversial Ad on Global Financial Crisis

Our client Bianco always loves to provoke and often gets attention on very daring ads.

Now they made a comment on the crisis. And their attitude towards this subject is quite like the one of the danish government. Keep spending money. We have to buy ourselves out of the crisis.

Interesting point. I have to reflect on that for a while, before making a stand. At least I agree on this. Buy more shoes. Always!

Solving the Vista problems

I love this one…

The Winners of True Award

Here’s the winners list:

Agency of the year:

Robert/Boisen & Likeminded

Advertiser of the year:


Producer of the year:


Main prizes:

Spot of the year:

Puck from Danske Spil – Oddset – BBDO DK

Which is strangely not available on youtube, but see the concept here at BBDO’s web

Internet/viral campaign of the year:

Carl-Mar spot, Rejsen til Saturn-campaign, Advertiser: Nordisk Film, Agency: A-Film/Philip Einstein Lipski

And as mentioned before: Campaign of the year:

Oddset and Rejsen to Saturn split the prize.

Then the technical prizes:


Ulykkelig kærlighed, Burak Turan, Tryg, &Co, Bacon


Director of the year:

Somersby arctic and estate, Stylewear, Carlsberg, Robert/Boisen & Likeminded, Gosmack/Stylewear

Set-design of the year:

Drums, Christian Friedländer, Gajol/Toms, WDP, WDP

Sound-design of the year:

Ikea Home, Peter Albrectsen, Mads Heldtberg, Morten Green, Charlie Gaugler and Peter Peter, Ikea Worldwide US, Robert/Boisen Likeminded, Bacon Cph

Visuals/3D of the year:

Sport-Egern, Duckling v. Jonas Drehn, Carlsberg, &Co, Bacon Cph