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Branded services

The appstore opens a whole new world for branding. Easy to use, easy accessible and highly relevant connections with the consumer. The apps create a space for engaging the consumers on their terms and a new race has opened. The race for developing the most inviting, intriguing, innovative and involving app. So I will kickstart the race here and ask everybody to send comments with branded apps they have seen or heard about. Also ideas for cool apps that could have had a perfect sponsor or sender on it. Please participate. This could be quite fun and interesting .


Posting from ipod touch

This is my first post from my iPod touch . I have to admit that I haven’t been blogging much lately but there is an explaination beyond the perfect Danish summer weather.
I fell in love with app store!!!!
After I bought the new software for the touch and got access to app store I been discovering the hidden world of crazy apps and very usefull apps . Even though it hurts me that I haven’t got the iPhone yet this makes it easier. So I spend a lot of time – and money – testing different apps to get a feeling of what’s going on. I especially see the potential for utilities such as shopping lists, spending/budget apps, exchange rates and all everyday tools. Of cause gaming is huge to and so are social networking tools.
I just downloaded the wordpress app 5 min ago so perhaps this means I’m back in the blogosphere.

Billmonk – cool web application

This is really kinda fun and shows how widely web applications go…

Billmonk is a place where your economy is made web 2.0-able…

Check it out here