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Controversial Ad on Global Financial Crisis

Our client Bianco always loves to provoke and often gets attention on very daring ads.

Now they made a comment on the crisis. And their attitude towards this subject is quite like the one of the danish government. Keep spending money. We have to buy ourselves out of the crisis.

Interesting point. I have to reflect on that for a while, before making a stand. At least I agree on this. Buy more shoes. Always!


Branded services

The appstore opens a whole new world for branding. Easy to use, easy accessible and highly relevant connections with the consumer. The apps create a space for engaging the consumers on their terms and a new race has opened. The race for developing the most inviting, intriguing, innovative and involving app. So I will kickstart the race here and ask everybody to send comments with branded apps they have seen or heard about. Also ideas for cool apps that could have had a perfect sponsor or sender on it. Please participate. This could be quite fun and interesting .

Branded content is in the air

Sunday morning we went to a workshop with Giovanni Rivetti og Roberto Feres from New Content. 

They started out with a madison and vine approach and it started out very interesting. But after 5 minutes we experienced that the whole workshop would be solely about IFE (In-flight entertainment) and the key points was spoken out pretty quickly, so after an hour we left. 

Most interesting was the idea about in-flight learning, with an obvious but interesting base in language learning but evolved to everything else. Think about a 3 hour trip to Egypt learning the basic glossary.

Interesting but a little bit to long….


BBC launches iPlayer

Obviously BBC is really the firstmover then it comes to adopting new technology and adjusting their services to changing consumer behavior. This is really the modern interpretation og Public Service to be admired by media institutions all over the world. They took the first step launching creative archive, and today they launched the  BBC iPlayer giving the british people access to the last 7 days of programming.


Simultanious viewing?

Spending some time exploring all the new emerging technologies challenging the traditional TVviewing and bringing the TV experience online, combining the best of both worlds, I am a bit confused about the lack of keeping the feeling of flow TV. Watching Youtube, dailymotion, currentTV, Jalipo and Joost I miss something. Even though it seems as there are a tendency towards on-demand viewing I see plenty of possibilities of keeping the aspect of flow and live at the same time as the possibilities of control. Especially at Joost where they very nicely have combined chat functions and viewing it doesn’t make sense that there aren’t a flow to gather around with? Have I missed something. It would be obvious to be able to invite somebody to view content simultaniously as re-creating the feeling of shared viewing across space and context. But can’t find out if I’m just a newbie in Joost or if online TV just is killing flow TV.


Jalipo beta

We often discuss if the future media user is willing to pay for high quality on-demand content. The creators of Jalipo must think so, and after a while browsing the (still limited) content and interface I think I’ll agree for now. If the pricing is right – as it seems here – and the interface is easy to access, have a smooth feel and appeal I think it will be able to attract customers. Can’t find much content there yet, but it works and if they manage to broaden the catalogue I’ll definitely be back…

The thing I admire most and which seems most innovative is the idea of paying per minute which leaves the opportunity to quit something I really don’t wanna see anyway..

Watch here….


Google Phone??

I just wanted to take a short note on all the Phone talk these days. I love the idea about the iPhone. I love apple, but are even more exited about being able to access the web on the go… Not as it is now with hopeless usability and huge constraints in the content available. But the features about accessing the web the way it is planned on iPhone are pretty sweet.

But in my apple excitement I obviously missed the talk about the Google Phone.  As Google is such a heavy player on the navigation in the web today, all major hardware developer ought to be considering a  good deal with google essential for succes – my opinion. Also why I liked the last Steve Jobs keynote where he invited content providers to back the launch of the Phone.

But that’s also why I don’t really understand the rumours of Google Phone. Google launching hardware? That seems strange for me. I see there’s been rumours of partnerships with phone providers, but why back iPhone just to make a futute competitor so much stronger. As I see it iPhone wouldn’t be so strong without Google. With Google earth and the search and the whole customization idea, the software fits a portable hardware device perfectly. But why support apple, if a competitive launch is just ahead???