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Lunch, wine and beer at the new place

This is nice. We can actually eat lunch together…


Fun can save the world

With the new green movement it is important to make the CSR approach to business inviting, intuitive and innovative. This is really an example where fun meets the greater good. A good idea and some people having fun can actually make the world a better place. I especially love the issue about how this also equals out gender imbalance, because normally it is the girls fetching water while the boys go to school. Now both girls and boys can go to school – as long as the have fun at the play pump in their breaks. I found this idea here   

Being busy and in love

This sounds as the most frequent sentence from me; I’ve been busy and away…., so like in every other occasion I feel like this is my eternal excuse for all I didn’t manage to do. Write my grand father a birthday-card, read a book, call a friend, cook more food, clean more, exercise more and so on.

But as always there IS actually time. It’s just how you choose to prioritize. And working a lot, being in Copenhagen 2-3 days  a week and trying to find time to see my friends and family I ended up with the choice between my boyfriend and updating the blog. And even how much I like to update – my boyfriend kinda wins. So being in love has kept me away for long 🙂

But after finishing a huge project at work I’m looking into a time with a little more time to be inspired again. So I’m back and will try to be steady.  With both my boyfriend and channel8000 🙂

The perfect experience: nature meets technology

Last wednesday I had a wonderful evening going to the Mariko Mori exhibition Oneness at Aros Museum in Aarhus.

After my last visit with the Paul McCarthy exhibition which really wasn’t my cup of tea, I was thrilled about this. Three things that all exites me was key to the work. Nature in great photos, learnings from old eastern religion and culture combined with a fascination of technology. And all situated in a simple, aesthetic pleasing and calm atmosphere.


This was really something. A hugepart of the exhibition was equipped with 2-3 circles in front of the pictures with directional sound so you could hear the voice of Mariko telling the meaning with the picture or how she made it. It was interesting and seemed kind of intimate.

There was 3D movies, electronic art showing the effect of the moon on to the earth, old inscriptions telling the meaning of life and death, a giant plastic installation showing waves from the space and eluminating everytime a star dies. And the masterpiece of them all; the wave Ufo letting 3 persons enter a closed space with their brain activity projected on to the inside of the UFO.

We were so lucky to experience it since it was evening and the museum was half empty (didn’t mean any people, but we stood in line for 20 minutes and then got our admission into the UFO). But it was really worth the time. Here are some lovely pictures from Oneness around the world since we of cause weren’t allowed to take pictures inside

Here pictures from Groninger Museum. Where you can also find a press release on Moris art





And I also saw that Aros bought the most fascinating piece; the Tom Na H-iu. Read more here:

Here a picture:


And I just once again must say how much I adore Aros for being able to be a world class museum in a little village as ours 🙂

Here a picture from the museum:


Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day: I just think this is such an interesting idea that I had to participate.

Even though my head is a bit tired. Left home at 5 am to go and join a Nordic meeting where all the heads of Comms planning in the region was having a talk about different strategic approaches. Interesting how countries so close can solve a task so differently. But it was a good day and we exchanged experiences. I spend a lot of time yesterday finishing my presentation on status in DK, so I already feel I’m in the middle of a week, even though it’s only 20 pm on a monday.

But Blog Action Day it is and the environment is the issue. In this relation I just want to state my thrill on Al Gore receiving the Nobel peace prize. Interesting.

My contribute to this day will be a link to a danish climate site where you can calculate your own emission. One ton less it is called. I mentioned it before, but will repeat it because I think this is a perfect way to put focus on the personal emission.

Here we go: The link to – and a screendump to 🙂


The power of online sex

Last week my blog stats went crazy. Two different days they trippled. Strange, but found out the second day was when this blog was listed under the “Advertising’s young minds” top blog list – this made natural traffic, but the other crazy day was two days before and I could figure it out??? I was curious and puzzled…

But then I read my post of that day and noticed that I tagged it SEX because of the Freud theme in the posted SIM education ad. And then I looked at my stats again and saw that it was the sex tag drove the stats up.

Isn’t it just amazing. There so much porn online and still I get 148 views just for tagging a post with a funny ad with sex… It’s kind of fun. Sex really drives traffic – have to remember that till my next meeting with a client and our search friends from iProspect.

Goodbye to summer

After spending 2 months waiting for my indian summer I must now realise that summer is over. This is an ode to my roof before it shuts down for the winter to come..  Bonus info : In Denmark the sun sets at 7.05 pm. We already lost 5 hours and 22 minuts.

Time for a winter depression or a lot of time to read, blog, work…