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The Winners of True Award

Here’s the winners list:

Agency of the year:

Robert/Boisen & Likeminded

Advertiser of the year:


Producer of the year:


Main prizes:

Spot of the year:

Puck from Danske Spil – Oddset – BBDO DK

Which is strangely not available on youtube, but see the concept here at BBDO’s web

Internet/viral campaign of the year:

Carl-Mar spot, Rejsen til Saturn-campaign, Advertiser: Nordisk Film, Agency: A-Film/Philip Einstein Lipski

And as mentioned before: Campaign of the year:

Oddset and Rejsen to Saturn split the prize.

Then the technical prizes:


Ulykkelig kærlighed, Burak Turan, Tryg, &Co, Bacon


Director of the year:

Somersby arctic and estate, Stylewear, Carlsberg, Robert/Boisen & Likeminded, Gosmack/Stylewear

Set-design of the year:

Drums, Christian Friedländer, Gajol/Toms, WDP, WDP

Sound-design of the year:

Ikea Home, Peter Albrectsen, Mads Heldtberg, Morten Green, Charlie Gaugler and Peter Peter, Ikea Worldwide US, Robert/Boisen Likeminded, Bacon Cph

Visuals/3D of the year:

Sport-Egern, Duckling v. Jonas Drehn, Carlsberg, &Co, Bacon Cph


Congratulations to A-Film, Nordisk Film, Go Viral og Philip

Had a great evening at True Awards last night.

“Rejsen til Saturn” won two of the three main categories at the Award. The viral campaign won with big applause and the main prize “campaign of the year” was split between “Rejsen til Saturn” og Oddset, who managed to take their “There are so many things women do not understand” to the next level, jumping from a clean cut soccer univers to now include golf and Ice-hockey.

But two main prizes to the wonderful people at A-film and Philip, who believed in the concept long before anybody even understood what he was talking about. I’m so proud to be part of this project and a huge thanks to Frederik Honore at Nordisk Film, who gave these people the frame to play play in (and money to the campaign to play with)

But all this about split prizes are a bit of a turn off. So when the jury couldn’t decide; I’ll let you decide.

So please help me vote for the real “Campaign of the year”

True Awards shortlists

Friday it is time for the True Awards, and all though it is an advertising award focusing solely on the film category, I will attend. Mostly because two of my favorite clients are very well represented on the shortlist, and because we are having an excuse to go out with my team, and have a talk outside the office in a setting including much more food and non-non-alcoholic drinks. 

Here’s the shortlist

And A-film (Nordisk Film Rejsen til Saturn) holds 2 out of 3 shortlist placings with Carl-Mar and Ole Henriksen spot in the Viral film category.

Here’s the one with Ole.

And a shortlisting in Best Campaign:

teaser trailer


And Bianco, which is a new client for us, received two shortlist nominations for the “How to double the collection” campaign.

They are both wonderful clients. Brave, innovative and nice people so I wish them the best….

Nokia 7610 campaign: Somebody else’s phone

Nokia’s new campaign for the 7610 launched a few days ago, and playing with the idea of accessing people’s life through the phone is quiet interesting. Here the intro:

The campaign site for “somebody else’s phone” is the key element in the campaign directing to facebook pages and other activities.

 Anna’s facebook page

Here’s detailed info on the campaign from welcome to optimism, the blog from wieden + kennedy london

Imagine finding a phone that belongs to somebody else; filled with personal text messages, contacts, diary entries, photos, voicemails and private video clips. It’s like having a window into somebody’s entire life. Would you be tempted to look through it?

This question is at the heart of our new campaign for Nokia. Inspired by the evolved role mobile phones play in our lives, the campaign invites the audience to explore the lives of three characters – Anna, Jade and Luca –  in intimate detail, in real time, through their Nokia 7610 handsets. 

The campaign launched yesterday and will run in ten different languages, following the characters’ evolving storylines across three time zones, through a 24/7 feed of content, for over 6 weeks. Fusing scripted content with real life audience interaction, fans will be able to learn everything about the characters through their text messages, photos, videos and calls on

Read more on Welcome to optimism-blog.

Buyology close to release

I’m not sure about my opinion on this matter, but got approached by some professional digital PR/Buzz people providing me info and material on Martin Lindstrøm’s new book.

A little teaser.

Everybody’s a publisher these days. Just first time I felt it on my own body… It’s interesting and I’m a bit proud that people even now my blog, so for today I will post this video I got. And that I’m already interested in the subject helps a bit too. So I do not feel influenced, but influencing, so that’s okay.

As said before I’m going to the seminar on the 1th of december and I’m looking forward hearing the whole thing. Will post lots of notes on it here afterwards.   

By the way:

Martin Lindstrom, author of the forthcoming book Buyology – based on the world’s largest NeuroMarketing study peering inside 2,000 volunteers to understand our true feelings about brands, advertising, product placement has been on a four year mission to find a link between brands and religion. “The entire scientific team was shocked as we for the first time ever realized the true connection between brands and religion” says Lindstrom in the lead up for the global release of his next book.

When advertising goes wrong

Sitting working on a presentation on marketing in times of recession, I fell over this quote on how to handle troubled times between agencies and clients.  

Found it on the Wieden + Kennedy London Blog

When the client moans and sighs
Make his logo twice the size
If the client still proves refractory
Show a picture of the factory
Only in the gravest cases
Should you show the clients’ faces

And the 2.008 version….. even more fun. I’ve done this a lot in meetings I must confess!

If the ads have gone to pot
Mention blogging quite a lot

If you want to dazzle them
Drop in terms like CRM

To make your clients think you’re sage
Give campaigns a myspace page

To make them think you’re clever chaps
Make references to Google Maps

If accused of strategic shirking
Bang on about social networking

If they still think the work is crap

You must present an iPhone app


And we all do these day 🙂

Customized content on webpages

Interesting. Copied from Daria’s blog, idea by Papercut in Sweden. I adore these guys. Please go see more cases on their site. They are bright!