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This blog will now be closed down.

From now on I am blogging on It is only human.


Book writing eats blog writing

Dear all,

Sorry for the long and empty hole I left here on Channel 8000 – unleash curiosity planning.

But my leave from the blogosphere has a reason. Perhaps not a great one, but at least a good one.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working with Preben Sepstrup on writing Tilrettelæggelse af information: Kommunikations- og kampagneplanlægning 4. Our deadline is the beginning of may, so I’ll still be absent for a few month. But now you know. Hope you’ll think it’s okay. And buy the book instead 🙂

Faris is being nice

Thanks to Faris for sharing this great presentation.

Se more at his Talents imitate, genius steals blog, where the Youtube links also are provided.

I’m sorry….

Dear all readers. Sorry I haven’t updated for a while. Got involved in a lot of interesting projects and suddenly time ran off. 

We just launched a new division in Aegis Media Denmark being the strategic, innovation and consumer insight forefront of the company and I have got the pleasure of taking the responsibility of Creative Director, so the launch here in january took all focus. But now we are up and running. See the deep blue blog which is also our website here. 

And then we won Playstation and Nordisk Film in the Nordics which is wonderful! A great client and interesting product. We just launched the campaign for the Stieg Larsson movie Men who hates women in Denmark and it was very interesting and the movie is already after 3 weeks a blockbuster. 

In my regular blogging hours (around nine pm or sundays:)) I started up a new project, having the honour of re-writing the legendary Communications Planning book “Tilrettelæggelse af information – kommunikations- og kampagneplanlægning” together with the author Preben Sepstrup. It will take most of my sparetime the next half year – but it will be a great learning experience and great inspiration working with Preben Sepstrup. 

So the blogging will lay a bit low for a while. I will try to keep up some micro blogging and link sharing on twitter and Facebook – so please connect with me there if you want to.

Join me at my Facebook Profile or Twitter

Special prize to Bianco “How to double the collection”

And a huge but strange congratulation to Bianco and the wonderful people there. The “How to double the collection”-campaign were shortlisted twice in best spot, but didn’t win.

But Mikael Bertelsen, being a perfect host for the evening had his own little jury; consiting of danish comedians commenting on the shortlist.

And the end of the show, this “jury” gave a special prize to the Bianco campaign and made the funniest spoof of it. It was so funny! I really need to get my hands on this!

So once again Bianco made the spotlight even without a real prize.

Congratulations to A-Film, Nordisk Film, Go Viral og Philip

Had a great evening at True Awards last night.

“Rejsen til Saturn” won two of the three main categories at the Award. The viral campaign won with big applause and the main prize “campaign of the year” was split between “Rejsen til Saturn” og Oddset, who managed to take their “There are so many things women do not understand” to the next level, jumping from a clean cut soccer univers to now include golf and Ice-hockey.

But two main prizes to the wonderful people at A-film and Philip, who believed in the concept long before anybody even understood what he was talking about. I’m so proud to be part of this project and a huge thanks to Frederik Honore at Nordisk Film, who gave these people the frame to play play in (and money to the campaign to play with)

But all this about split prizes are a bit of a turn off. So when the jury couldn’t decide; I’ll let you decide.

So please help me vote for the real “Campaign of the year”

The lost Alternate Reality Game

Everyboby is talking about ARG’s these days, and it is pretty interesting following how these get more sofisticated and challenging. But there is one, which I haven’t seen or heard about in Denmark at all, and given the complexity and quality of the content I was wondering why nobody’s been talking about it here. 

The game is over, and is closed down. On the website it is regarded as a huge succes, thanking millions of people for participating. Hosted by McDonald and the Olympic Comittee it ought to have the right powers to push it towards a tipping point. 

So why so quiet in DK? Or did I just miss it while spending the summer driving through europe…

Here is the website showing the case study of the lost ring campaign