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Playstation Home is live in public beta

Here’s the trailer, with pictures and explanation on what this universe is all about. Looks very familiar for people who’s been traveling second life a while ago:) This launch being a huge stake for Sony, it will be interesting to see if the platform can stand the hype and thereby criticism always following. Looking very much forward to follow the discussion during the weeks to come.  More on Playstation Home on Wikipedia.

Red Bull is the first advertiser entering the universe, with a branded island with activities for the users in a branded context. Diesel and Paramount Pictures are also throwing their brands into this new world. Read full post about this at Adverblog


Congratulations to Diesel with XXX-birthday

Diesel turns 30!

With a trackrecord of creating a certain hype and attention around everything they do, a birthday giving the roman numbers XXX couldn’t pass by without a controversial campaign. 

This is dirty, fun and intriguing in an absurd way. So if anybody haven’t seen it yet, here is the viral campaign kickstarting the event follow by a huge facebook driven campaign inviting to the world’s biggest party.

This moment the facebook event has 6.440 confirmed guests, and the events will be broadcasted live on

The Magnum Challenge

I clicked on a banner yesterday!

I was placed on trendsales I guess. Doing my early in the morning shopping with my laptop on top of my bed while my boyfriend was still sleeping. (and here I am again) This is my favorite time slot. The sun is up, the house is quiet and there is time to do online shopping on my favorite sites amazon, trendsales, youheshe, reading blogs, news and checking out the weather on the day to come.   

This is the perfect spot to expose me for this banner. Do you want to dream. Oh yes! Do you want luxury and being spoiled? Yes please. Click this banner! Ok I will. And I ended up on this page the And I don’t now how much was fascination over the beautiful pictures, the interactive twist’s or just that I was in the right situation to start dreaming, but anyway I ended up spending 10 minutes or more on the campaign site. And I had fun. And I don’t even like Magnum icecream. But this definitely took my ten steps closer to try. 

So I don’t now if it was perfect media planing finding me in this situation, the endorsment from the desperate housewife universe, the pictures of luxury and the opening to dream, but this campaign worked for me – or for the advertiser in deed. 


Search interpreted by an ad agency

Wibroe, Duckert and Partners, a danish ad agency launched their new web-site a while ago and it really made the headline in the danish agency business.

Using the webpage as a playground for showing how you think, they once again put search on the agenda. This shows how advertising and media today melt together in a unity not separable. This site has only few frames with simple content linking to google and letting others tell the story through the links higgest ranked by google. Perhaps some of the competitors buys some ad words on this soon?

This is a bit old news, but haven’t had time to post it and a lot of you people abroad haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll do it anyway. And also because I think this solution is very much on the spot on what’s happening. Everyday I see a tendency towards search being on everybodys lips, and working close with iProspect I see the results it makes for our clients. It is as if it never makes sense not to talking search anymore. Especially on very ROI driven clients.

Here is the webpage of Wibro, Duckert and Partners

Love the idea – exciting to see how long they keep it for.

Do we really want our audience to participate?

Long time ago I started reading Henry Jenkins Convergence Culture, but must admit I skipped a few chapters. But in this rainy summer I promised myself to start reading the last of a series (I turned out to be many) of book in which I have skipped, browsed and jumped inside the last year.

Last night I read the Tarantino’s Star Wars Chapter in Convergence Culture. It is really a brilliant book written by the founder (and Director) of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Program.

There are so many wonderful insights in this chapter so I’ll share a few. I love his differentiation between interactivity and participation, with interactivity being the master plan of the sender, based by their intentions, control and responsiveness of consumer feedback and participation being the respons by the reciever shaped by cultural and social protocols.

Another brillant diversity he adresses is how he categories the players in the media industry on behalf on their response to the changing media landscape as prohibitionists or collaborationists. This is perfect because you can take all players in the industry and locate them in eiter direction. Sadly their is a tendency to the classic media players (being music, recordings and film) joining the prohibitionists, and leaving the collaborative respons to gaming, mobile and internet driven companies.

A way where we see this in action is the ongoing debate on whether the movie industry embrace fan sites using content from their backyard? Disney fought for years to prohibit this, but were happy to make children market their movies anywhere else? This just doesn’t make sense. We fight to create Word of Mouth, but as soon as is spreads to Word-of-Mouse – we panic.

The sociologist Grant McCranken says: Corporations must decide whether they are, literally, in or out. Will they make themself an island or will they enter the mix?”

Especially the gaming industry has left the island and they are conquering the world by letting the gamers not just join the game, but co-creating the universes in where they play. It is estimated that 60 % of the gameplay in the Sims is created by users, and we see how MMPOG’s are defined today – not by the given gameplay, but by the social interaction happening between the users, as mentiond before with machinima Tales of the Past 3.

As you can see I love this chapter and it ends by this interesting quote, where the part about renegotiating relationships are very well spoken ” many of the smartest folks in the media industry know this; some are trembling, and others are scrambling to renegotiate their relationships with consumers. In the end, the media producers need fans just as much as fans need them.”

Please be me..

This article is strange. I got the link from Dan, an must admit that I hope it’s more of an urban myth than it is a reflection of reality (or virtual reality?) .


Most viewed danish music video

Posting Utada’s video I came to think about this danish music video which has reached the magical 1 mio views on Youtube. We did the counting on danish videos doing a digital media workshop for a big music/video client of ours a month ago. Everybody guessed that the most viewed would be some new, young, hip music guy featuring girls in bikinies…. Yeah they were right about the bikinies, but young and hip – You see for yourself… Amazing how this social media phenomenon seems to be able to surprice once again…