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I have Joost Beta!!!

Nice to see blogs in action. After posting my wish for a joost login I’ve now got it. Already and plenty. So that’s just perfect…

So I willing to share, so let me know if you want an invitation… I’ll give all I get away through my blog… So write me… and knowledge about joost is welcome too…


A nice little ad – which is not really an ad

The fascination of strange things

I have a huge fascination of anything I don’t really understand. And the hard work laid in making this is really an example of a community and a culture I watch amazed and with my brain cells spinning confused around…


I found it on a girl gamers blog – see the insomnia princess here

Very explicit drive to web

On adrants today a case from Colle+McVoy shows  how TV ads from the Minnesota State Lottery are directly used to drive the audience online and start interacting with the content. It’s still TV, but the main objective (and interaction) will take place online. It’s interesting and a way to make TV meet online ads.. Will it work? Or are the two media consumption situation too differenten. It will be interesting to know the recent numbers on how many people actually sits with a laptop while watching TV.

 See the spot here