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Interactive shop windows



I have to blog about this special innovation, which just went live 72 meters from the agency in Aarhus. In a world where we are hunting down new connections with our precious consumers, the shop and the experiences there, play a key part in the communication process. CAVI in Aarhus has been working on a solution for three years where the shop window interacts with the people passing by.

Here is the description of the Dynamically Transparent Window from CAVI‘s website:  

A Dynamically Transparent Window responds to the movements of people passing by. Using a camera, passers-by are tracked, and the data is processed by a system that controls custom-built interactive windows on the facade. The windows are fitted with so-called electro-chromatic foil that can change from opaque to transparent when an electric current runs through it. By using thin strips of the foil, narrow bands on the facade change in order to reveal what is on display in the store when people walk by the window. The facade uses various interaction modes in order to lure the by-passers near and make them explore the display. 

And here the Youtube video explaining the details:

Reminds me a bit about a Tomato project I saw at an evening inspiration session at LYNfabrikken where they did some work interacting with the passing by’s. I think it was with Asahi TV and with another project working with air to flow to giant sculptures when passing them. (If anybody remembers exactly – please help :))

But this is interesting and I just held a focusgroup working with a pitch for H&M in Denmark where all the young women talked about how important the shopping window were for them. So this is interesting. Hope they will tell more about the results and reactions afterwards. 


Review of my new ipod touch

Just received my ipod touch and I’ve been in heaven ever since.I’ll write a full review in a couple of days when I have a more qualified view on it, because right now I’m just stunned and thrilled… I is so beautiful. Everything just works. It’s intuitive and has this amazing feel I can’t even explain. I feels like my finger just got extended all the way into the internet and into my itunes library. And everything works so well. My photos, music and even my bookmarks from safari just slipped over onto this new device from which I will never again be separated. It’s all love….

Here I’m browsing Faris’ Blog – and if I tap the text in the blog it automatically fits to the screen so it’s perfectly readable.


I my boyfriend just told me that he heard that McDonalds launched free wifi in Denmark so everything is just perfect. Spending sometime at Copenhagen central station I’ll never again be waiting in the dark.. (but drinking cofee at McD and reading blogs)

But haven’t yet figured out why they didn’t make it connect to my airport express so I can stream my music to my hifi though…. and why google maps aren’t integrated? Heard that it will be open for third party software development, so the future seems bright. But I’ll be back with a full review later…

Top 27 under 27:advertising young minds: blogroll

I just made the list of top 27 blogs of people under 27! Proud to be number 26 on this list, although I actually am 27, but will enjoy it till they find out. 🙂

Here’s how it’s calculated and the official listing.


Billmonk – cool web application

This is really kinda fun and shows how widely web applications go…

Billmonk is a place where your economy is made web 2.0-able…

Check it out here


How a blog post keeps living

It is sometimes funny to observe how a blog post kinda has its own life. Months ago I posted about Tales of the past 3 and ever since it keeps attracting visitors. But is is highly unstable – some days are good and somedays it seems as the gamers out there are all gone. Its just fun to see how this blogosphere actually works… Or to be curious be cause I can’t really figure out how it works after all…


My new ipod touch…

My boyfriend and me just placed an order on two new ipod touchs. In our local Humac shop we are now number 14 and 15 on the waiting list. I still have some concerns, but after hearing that it probably will be open for third party software development  I realised that my concerns mainly were located in software – not in the hardware, so one way or the other it will fullfill my wildest gadget dreams.

I will write a full detailed review here as soon as it arrives 🙂

New fashion star

All reloaded with energy I’m now returning from a week of enjoying the perfect tranquility of a late summer Skagen. The very northern place in Denmark. It was windy and a little cold, but perfect food, lots of good books and my boyfriend. So a perfect week. Found some things to share – but being a bit busy returning to the office tomorrow I’ll just start by showing a picture from the latest version of DANSK – coolest Danish fashion magazine – featuring my loved friend Sandie’s (here under her FOXY name) collection. I love the pictures! I am certain that she will rise to the stars of the danish fashion industry.


By the way – the picture is taken with my new Sony Ericsson Cellphone. I love the pictures it take! Can’t remember the model… But love it!