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The Award Ceremony Tuesday

After an hour of sleep we dressed up for the first time in our Cannes experience. We went to the Media/Outdoor and Radio Ceremony and it was a very good experience. 

The fun thing was actually that Radio Lions kind of surpriced me. Talking to people about chosing media vehicles I ormally have a slight problem when it comes to radio, because of the horrible quality of radio commercials in Denmark. Therefor Radio kind of has gotten a difficult position in my head. It is an interesting media, but often it fades away due to a lack of creativity in the solutions.

Hearing the Gold and silver spots I was amazed about how much inspiration I got and how it instantly started letting Radio re-enter my communication landscape.  

This was fun! And then we went out for dinner and the to the Aegis Media Party on the beach. This was really nice. Exclusive party with not to many people. More about this tomorrow…


Accenture – post in beta

This was really interesting… There was so many good things – I’ll get back to this later)

(this post will be updated)


“creativity requires the courage to let go of ertainties” Niels Bohr

Trevor the mentos intern

“When dealing with people remember that your are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion” Dale Carnegie

4% of fortune 500 company sites contain links to porn

Ariel frpm Ink direct

– perfect case – (more later)


Urban Spam

outdoorJust found this video on The Hive and think it’s quite funny and challenges out business alway creative view on Outdoor media – Is it urban spam or are people entertained on their walk through life?

Joining the choir

I (also) think this is very very nice work from Saatchi – Is it real or not? Judge yourself! Either way – it’s a rarely good piece of work and starts setting the scene for viral video in Denmark. Looking forward seing the results…  


Just wanted to recommend my co-worker Daria’s Blog on media – it’s inspirering and fun, so enjoy! Here you go.

Super Bowl on YouTube

Now it’s running. How’s the User- generated-ads doing? Right now it looks pretty damn good for “me and you” being ad agnecy of the year.

This moment this one is leading the race….

Being close with my media

Every brand seems to reach for a friend, lover or partner status with their consumers. But these days it seems harder and harder to achieve that kind of loyalty. But while giant brands keeps pushing their well-thought print or TV ads down the choking consumers – offering suffering not friendship, small media companies are starting to offer friendship through other channels. Perhaps it is because of a lack of money to throw into a big advertising campaign – then it’s their luck! Perhaps it’s because they see that we need to meet people on their premises – then it is a quite clever move.

An example is the danish fashion magazine Cover having a profile on Myspace inviting friends to special events and puts itself into the network of its target group. See the profile here. It has today 3,383 friends (read : pretty loyal consumers embedded in a easy to reach network establish around the brand). That nice isn’t it?