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The Winners of True Award

Here’s the winners list:

Agency of the year:

Robert/Boisen & Likeminded

Advertiser of the year:


Producer of the year:


Main prizes:

Spot of the year:

Puck from Danske Spil – Oddset – BBDO DK

Which is strangely not available on youtube, but see the concept here at BBDO’s web

Internet/viral campaign of the year:

Carl-Mar spot, Rejsen til Saturn-campaign, Advertiser: Nordisk Film, Agency: A-Film/Philip Einstein Lipski

And as mentioned before: Campaign of the year:

Oddset and Rejsen to Saturn split the prize.

Then the technical prizes:


Ulykkelig kærlighed, Burak Turan, Tryg, &Co, Bacon


Director of the year:

Somersby arctic and estate, Stylewear, Carlsberg, Robert/Boisen & Likeminded, Gosmack/Stylewear

Set-design of the year:

Drums, Christian Friedländer, Gajol/Toms, WDP, WDP

Sound-design of the year:

Ikea Home, Peter Albrectsen, Mads Heldtberg, Morten Green, Charlie Gaugler and Peter Peter, Ikea Worldwide US, Robert/Boisen Likeminded, Bacon Cph

Visuals/3D of the year:

Sport-Egern, Duckling v. Jonas Drehn, Carlsberg, &Co, Bacon Cph


True Awards shortlists

Friday it is time for the True Awards, and all though it is an advertising award focusing solely on the film category, I will attend. Mostly because two of my favorite clients are very well represented on the shortlist, and because we are having an excuse to go out with my team, and have a talk outside the office in a setting including much more food and non-non-alcoholic drinks. 

Here’s the shortlist

And A-film (Nordisk Film Rejsen til Saturn) holds 2 out of 3 shortlist placings with Carl-Mar and Ole Henriksen spot in the Viral film category.

Here’s the one with Ole.

And a shortlisting in Best Campaign:

teaser trailer


And Bianco, which is a new client for us, received two shortlist nominations for the “How to double the collection” campaign.

They are both wonderful clients. Brave, innovative and nice people so I wish them the best….

Nokia 7610 campaign: Somebody else’s phone

Nokia’s new campaign for the 7610 launched a few days ago, and playing with the idea of accessing people’s life through the phone is quiet interesting. Here the intro:

The campaign site for “somebody else’s phone” is the key element in the campaign directing to facebook pages and other activities.

 Anna’s facebook page

Here’s detailed info on the campaign from welcome to optimism, the blog from wieden + kennedy london

Imagine finding a phone that belongs to somebody else; filled with personal text messages, contacts, diary entries, photos, voicemails and private video clips. It’s like having a window into somebody’s entire life. Would you be tempted to look through it?

This question is at the heart of our new campaign for Nokia. Inspired by the evolved role mobile phones play in our lives, the campaign invites the audience to explore the lives of three characters – Anna, Jade and Luca –  in intimate detail, in real time, through their Nokia 7610 handsets. 

The campaign launched yesterday and will run in ten different languages, following the characters’ evolving storylines across three time zones, through a 24/7 feed of content, for over 6 weeks. Fusing scripted content with real life audience interaction, fans will be able to learn everything about the characters through their text messages, photos, videos and calls on

Read more on Welcome to optimism-blog.

Buyology close to release

I’m not sure about my opinion on this matter, but got approached by some professional digital PR/Buzz people providing me info and material on Martin Lindstrøm’s new book.

A little teaser.

Everybody’s a publisher these days. Just first time I felt it on my own body… It’s interesting and I’m a bit proud that people even now my blog, so for today I will post this video I got. And that I’m already interested in the subject helps a bit too. So I do not feel influenced, but influencing, so that’s okay.

As said before I’m going to the seminar on the 1th of december and I’m looking forward hearing the whole thing. Will post lots of notes on it here afterwards.   

By the way:

Martin Lindstrom, author of the forthcoming book Buyology – based on the world’s largest NeuroMarketing study peering inside 2,000 volunteers to understand our true feelings about brands, advertising, product placement has been on a four year mission to find a link between brands and religion. “The entire scientific team was shocked as we for the first time ever realized the true connection between brands and religion” says Lindstrom in the lead up for the global release of his next book.

He’s just that good…

When you spend a lot of time tracking what’s going on in the business, you tend to overrate what you think is common knowledge. For a long time I have excluded a lot of content on this blog, just because I thought; this thing must have reach its wear-out. But then we had a meeting with Google at the Aarhus agency last week and they showed the Tiger Woods/ea Walk on water stunt recently hyped a lot online. And as a shock for me 90% of the present people hadn’t even heard about it, and being 10 persons to the meeting I accounted for the remaining 10%. So, therefore I will start reconsidering what’s normal and what’s just geeky, and post all the things I find interesting. For those of you which this causes a higher frequency, I apologize, and hope you can skip through…

To launch this new initiative, here’s the Walk on water case once again…

First the video that initiated the EA answer

And the answer from EA


Huge succes with “Rejsen til Saturn”(The journey to Saturn)

Can’t help to share my joy over the succes with Rejsen to Saturn. A campaign where, as the marketing director said to day, we succeded with everything. 

We reached our admission goal on the 8th day, and now after 12 days it looks like we are heading for the sky. 

A campaign where offline, online and BTL meet in a perfect match…

The Viral campaign reached 1 mio views after the opening, and A-film who produced it is shortlisted for best campaign, best viral, and best spot at The True Awards, and is the 4th most nominated campaign.

 Here a mixed cut of the viral clips:

Working with media partnerships, creative outdoor, social media features, creative formats and in-store solutions, this is almost the perfect campaign.

Our favorite feature: The icon for the campaign is the spaceship, and we made a deal with one of the big danish movie review sites to change their stars for rating the campaigns to small spaceships, so during the campaign all other movies were rated with spaceships. Great fun!

Winners Day at TV2: Cannes Lions – without Cannes

Wrapping up a perfect week I had the pleasure of attending TV2s Winners Day at Teglholmen, and was to give a short speech on the learnings on competing in the Young Media Lions category in Cannes. So before heading to meetings in the afternoon I had the pleasure of hearing a lot of inspiring people. Most of the cases were well known, but nice to see them presented by the real people involved. I was there with Katrine Riis Andersen from DIST who also joined me in the Cannes Lions competition. 

First Steve Latham, Content Director from the Cannes Lions presented the concepts of Cannes and how it is developing and this development especially driven by the content richness of the program. Steve also has the Young Lions dear at heart, so we spoke to him a few times down at the competition, and it was really nice seeing him again. He is really a nice guy and feels so passionate about continuously improving the Cannes Lions offer. Later on he was asked a quite relevant question from Jesper von Wieding from Scandinavian DesignLab about the challenges within the naming of the festival as an advertising festival, traditional advertising having a declining role to play at the festival, suggesting Creative festival to perhaps being a more appropriate name. Steve earlier noted that the traditional categories still takes the heavy load of the entries, but welcomed the discussion.     

Then Lars Bastholm, Co-Chief Creative Officer, AKQA made a presentation about the Halo 3 case

and then spoke on the Future Lions program, and showed cases on how incredible talent this program reveals. A case on ideas for a MagLite campaign was incredible – both the ideas and the bold presentation. Lars commented that farfar already took the talented guys in. Which I’m happy to hear, knowing that fresh creative blood is the once again added to our family..

Last Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO, Big Spaceship talked on the HBO Voyeur Campaign which I will not comment on since it is earlier covered in this blog. But interesting was that the audience being asked about awareness on the campaign, almost nobody did know it. That was really kind of sad, the audience being a really good agency crowd. Asking Michael about the conflicts on creating the actual center-piece of the campaign and BBDO being rewarded the credits, Michael talked briefly on this emerging conflict in the market being which agencies to be lead on projects. I think this is a very interesting discussion.   

After this the danish jury talked on learnings and then Katrine and I talked on learnings from the young lions competition. The day ended with guided tours in the exhibition.