He’s just that good…

When you spend a lot of time tracking what’s going on in the business, you tend to overrate what you think is common knowledge. For a long time I have excluded a lot of content on this blog, just because I thought; this thing must have reach its wear-out. But then we had a meeting with Google at the Aarhus agency last week and they showed the Tiger Woods/ea Walk on water stunt recently hyped a lot online. And as a shock for me 90% of the present people hadn’t even heard about it, and being 10 persons to the meeting I accounted for the remaining 10%. So, therefore I will start reconsidering what’s normal and what’s just geeky, and post all the things I find interesting. For those of you which this causes a higher frequency, I apologize, and hope you can skip through…

To launch this new initiative, here’s the Walk on water case once again…

First the video that initiated the EA answer

And the answer from EA



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